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Blendcor (Pty) Limited is a co-owned Shell & BP lubricants blending and grease manufacturing company. The site comprising approximately 53000m2 is situated in Island View, Durban, with its frontage on Honshu Road. The property is leased from the Transnet National Ports Authority and falls under the jurisdiction of the National Key Points Act. Both shareholders, Shell and BP, are part of the larger international organisations and as such Blendcor is considered an operating unit of these international companies. The performance of Shell and BP internationally is measured by the cumulative performances of the individual operating units. Hence, Blendcor is obliged to conform to the requirements of Shell and BP international standards in addition to the statutory, local, regional and national requirements. Blendcor is registered as a company in terms of the Companies Act and operates as a cost centre. All operating costs are recovered from the shareholders. Capital projects are motivated and justified by Blendcor Management and funded separately by the shareholders on approval. The CEO of Blendcor is the General Manager (GM) who is appointed by the Blendcor Board of Directors. The Board comprises three appointees from Shell and three from BP. Blendcor is committed to achieving business excellence, through attaining the best possible business results. This manual is designed to achieve the foregoing by incorporating, as a minimum, all the requirements of the shareholders and their customers. These include conformance to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and Shell HSSE management systems.

1. Situated in Island View - port of Durban
2. Built in 1956 - as part of SAPREF (Shell & BP refinery)
3. Shell & BP 50/50 Joint venture
4. Incorporated into JV in 1992 as a co-ownership by Shell and BP
5. BP acquired Castrol business in 2000 and incorporated into Blendcor in 2002
6. Blending and filling of Lubes and greases
7. +600 SKUs (>150 grades)
8. +200ML capacity
9. +300 employees (Permanent and Contract)