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The Engineering Department provides a technical and specialist service to all departments within Blendcor. The Maintenance section is responsible for ensuring that Plant Equipment, Buildings and Services are kept in a good working order and that the requirements of the OHS Act are met. The Project section is responsible for Plant changes, equipment upgrades and new equipment acquisition and installations. In support of this, the Engineering Department is responsible for:-

- Employing staff who are skilled in their specific field of expertise and also ensure that contracted personnel have sufficient skills;
- Ensuring that all aspects of work performed and of material used conform to the Blendcor Specifications;
- Considering risks by way using formal and informal risk assessments, procedures and mitigating risks where necessary;
- Carrying out work in accordance with the Engineering Work Instructions.

The Engineering Department consists of two main sections; namely:-
- Maintenance section
- Project section

Maintenance Section
Engineering maintenance is performed Maintenance Support Team personnel. This section makes use of a computer maintenance management system (CMMS), which:-
1. Aims at optimizing the availability of reliability of plant equipment.
2. Establishes a total productive maintenance system encompassing maintenance prevention, preventive maintenance, and improvement related maintenance.
3. Optimizes the use of engineering personnel.
4. Captures all work performed by engineering personnel.

Project Section
Project Engineering is a specialist support function, providing a service for plant upgrade, new equipment and plant change requirements. This process is driven through either a Plant Change Request system (PCR) or a Capital Project Process. Field implementation is usually carried out using contractors, but at times in-house Maintenance personnel may be engaged to effect the necessary changes.