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Blendcor acknowledges that its employees are its main asset. In this regard Blendcor management are at all times mindful of the needs of the people and will in a participative manner, assure satisfaction. A healthy work environment is provided and the rights of individuals protected. Blendcor endeavors to unite its entire workforce to operate as a single unit, subscribing to a common set of values. The Human resources department is responsible for all recruitment and selection. Vacant positions are advertised internally first and if there are no successful candidates, adverts are placed in the local newspapers. Once the applications are shortlisted interviews are conducted using the Targeted Selection method and are panel driven mostly by the line managers.

The successful applicant is selected on merits by the panel and the Blendcor Leadership Team. The human resources department ensures that the new employee undergoes a full induction program before embarking on their new duties. The Human Resources department is responsible for assessing the training and/or educational requirements for all job levels and developing programs to provide the identified needs. This is done on an annual basis through the performance appraisals and a training calendar for the year is drawn up. Training is provided to ensure that all staff have the desired level of competence to execute their duties. Techniques used for training include 'on the job training', classroom lectures and exercises, off-site courses, and learning at educational institutions. The human resources department is responsible for negotiating the annual salary increases for the bargaining unit staff with the trade union at the Industry Bargaining Arena.