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Procurement is a core activity in Blendcor's value added chain. Therefore, to maximize the overall process efficiency, it is incumbent for the Procurement Section to work in harmony with all the other sections and suppliers in order that the planned schedules and targets are consistently met. In order to achieve the above it is necessary to manage the available resources effectively and efficiently at all times. Procurement Department is committed to supporting the aims and objectives of Blendcor by efficiently managing its resources for the procurement of Additives and Packaging materials.

The departmental objectives are:-
- to procure Additives and Packaging material to meet the requirements of production
- minimize stock outs
- pay accounts on time and achieve maximum discount
- minimize stock losses
- increase stock turns
- identify aspects of our operation that would impact on the environment and
- To monitor performance with the aim to achieve continuous

The Planning section is responsible for converting demand received from shareholders into a workable, credible manufacturing and filling plan. The Shareholders' respective marketing functions identify the needs and expectations of their customers and translate these into customer orders for Blendcor. Blendcor then review these customer orders and establish capability to consistently meet such customer orders prior to production. Potential limitations and agreed deviations are communicated to each marketer and resolved.

Outbound logistics
Blendcor does not have warehousing facilities for manufactured products. All products are packed as per the Shareholders orders and dispatched immediately to warehouse or depots managed by the Shareholders. The transport from Blendcor is under contract with the respective Shareholders. All products are manufactured for the Shareholders and Blendcor's responsibility ends once the product leaves Blendcor's premises for the Shareholders' nominated destinations. The Logistics operational function is divided into four main areas:
- Packed products - this section is responsible for the receiving of finished products returns from the market place and dispatches to the shareholders main distribution centers.
- Bulk products - this section dispatches bulk oil by filling bulk road vehicles, rail cars, isotainers and tanktainers directly to the shareholders warehouses and customers. Marine oils are loaded directly onto the barge, which services the ships in the local Durban harbor.
- Materials Handling - this section is outsourced to a materials management company and is responsible for the handling of all products inbound and outbound.
- General - this section is responsible for the dispatch of pallets, additives and the general administration of the Logistics department