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Blendcor laboratory is an integral part of Blendcor, contributing technical support for formulation development, and acceptance of incoming raw materials and monitoring and testing of lubricating oils and greases manufactured. The laboratory is a well-equipped testing facility, staffed by technically qualified personnel. Its prime objective is the production of high quality analytical data through the use of analytical measurements that are accurate, reliable and adequate for the intended purpose. This is accomplished in a cost-effective manner under a planned and documented quality system. The Laboratory management staff has the authority and resources needed to discharge their duties.

The core business of the laboratory is divided into 2 areas viz.:

(A) Luboil and Grease

This section provides an inspection/testing service on:
- Incoming additives and base oils
- In process and final products manufactured
And provides a technical support to the blending and filling processes of lubricating oils and greases.

(B) Market Service

This section provides the following services on request from the Shareholders:
- Product development
- Customer complaint - receipt, analysis and reporting
- 3rd party testing