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Blendcor is committed to optimizing business processes and improving customer service delivery to our Shareholders. Blendcor has recognised the need to integrate all areas of the business as being key to continued success in an increasingly competitive industry. In order for Blendcor to be able to provide the Shareholders with a competitive advantage in manufacturing and packaging lubricants, the latest information must be accessible to them. Blendcor has recently implemented SAP which is used as a Business package (For cost control, stock control of non-resource stock, cash book, debtors, creditors, invoicing, payment processing and purchasing of non-stock resource). SAP is used to support the manufacturing process (resource stock control, resource procurement, resource cost control, manufacturing planning and scheduling). The Lubcel system supports the Blendcor's manufacturing processes and is integrated into SAP. Furthermore, due care is taken to manage sensitive or confidential information as Blendcor operates as a joint venture.